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THis Mala Necklace of 108 beads offers the healing and grounding energy of Lava Stone in addition to the Seven Chakra stones. 


Lava stone , being of the Earth, is thought to be one of the best Grounding Stones there is providing strength and endurance. Wearing Lava stone is thought to provide stability in tumultuous times. As part of the Earth itself , Lava is believed to help anchor and ground oneself through Mother Earth to provide us with guidance, clarity, and hope during difficult times or situations. Lava Stone is thereby said to stabilize the Root Chakra.


Gaining greatly in recent popularity, dropping essential oils onto the porous surface of the Lava beads allows the aroma to be released when the heat of your skin warms up the beads and you thereby gain all the benefits of your favorite Essential Oil as well.


The Seven Chakras are our bodies' Energy Centers. They are responsible for the flow of Energy throughout our Physical , Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies.


These Chakras are represented by color:

Root Chakra Red 

Sacral Chakra Orange  

Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow

Heart Chakra Green

Throat Chakra Blue

Third Eye Chakra Indigo

Crown Chakra Purple


Wearing the Seven colors of the Chakras is thought to help harmonize and bring the body into alignment by opening the Chakra Centers to allow Energy to move throughout the body more freely and help balance the energy between Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Please wear your Mala Necklace mindfully and with compassion and gratitude in your heart.



Chakra and Lava Stone Prayer Beads Mala

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