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This lovely adjustable bracelet features elastic strung turquoise and white beads as well as gorgeous faceted black crystal beads. The metal Hamsa charm and hand made Black tassel further add to its uniqueness.


Universally the Hamsa Hand symbol is known for its positive and peaceful energy and is a very strong protection symbol against all forms of evil.  It is meant to bring its owner happiness, luck, good health, and good fortune. Sometimes called the Hand of Fatima or Hand of God depending on different cultures, it has always seen as an extremely beautiful, powerful symbol worldwide.  Recently, it has gained popularity as a beautiful Tatoo for protection.


Elegant grace or Boho style, this gorgeous bracelet fits in everywhere, and is sure to become a fast favourite!

Please wear your bracelet mindfully and with compassion and gratitude in your heart.

Hamsa Tassle Bracelet

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