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This thin hand pounded Copper Dragon Bracelet is hand carved in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal by skilled Artisans. 


This bracelet is 100 % Copper and as such Copper is believed to hold great healing powers for circulation of the blood. Many believe wearing a copper bracelet will help in the production of Red Blood cells thereby helping to strengthen ones system and help reduce inflammation in the joints Copper has long been believed to help the wearer who suffers from Arthritis.  


This particular style of Dragon has adorned Jewelry in the Himalayas for generations and is a much loved version by all.

The Dragon is an extremely important and strong symbol.  Not only do they imbue their qualities of strength but also offer their protection as well.


It is thought that wearing a Dragon symbol will help contribute to financial success, career growth, and also protect its owner from unkind and  unscrupulous people.  As a symbol of male energy, Yang, a dragon is a perfect symbol for men, as well as women wanting strength or protection. This mighty creature embodies the awakening of natural forces, new beginnings, and growth.  Dragons have long symbolized supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge, and it is thought that wearing a Dragon symbol can aid one to gain and master these qualities. 


Dragons should ALWAYS be named, otherwise they will lay claim over you, instead of the other way around, and might cause chaos in your life! 

Dragons have always been seen as a spiritual creature of good luck, strength, and a bringer of great prosperity. 


Please wear your bracelet mindfully and with compassion and gratitude in your heart.

Copper Dragon Bracelet

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